The writer and journalist Alberto Avendaño wrote a beautiful article about motivations and everything that converges towards this "musical journey". You can read it here ( in Spanish):

My debut album "The Journey" vol. 1 is available now. I am very pleased to share it with you. It contains 8 original pieces for piano solo. Hope you like and enjoy this work. 

Full tracklist:

1. Questions // 2. Uncertain // 3. The Path // 4. No One Watching // 5. Para Teresa //   6. Here And Now // 7. A Dreamer // 8. At The End

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About The Journey

"After a long time of thinking about our trips simply as a point of departure and a point of arrival, you decided to deepen  the meaning of each stop. Some stops were fun and voluntary, others however were due to need to rest and gain momentum, and others because our engine did not work at full capacity. We were aware of each of those stops and we overcame, learned, and enjoyed each of them. Finally all that gave meaning to the arrival to the point of becoming a new starting point".

Jose Domenech, music producer and composer

This Is My Story

Photo: Mauricio Figueroa

Photo: Mauricio Figueroa

I perfectly remember how the music captured my attention as a child and how since then keyboards became my favorite toys; with them I searched for familiar melodies or created new ones, always feeling free and happy ... shortly afterwards I began to study music, first in an academy, then in conservatory, graduating years later in classical piano and pedagogy. Thanks to that I learned to know and love classical music, to understand the sacrifice of playing an instrument, to look a thousand ways to make musical teaching attractive ... but my ideas, my musical intuition, my non-conformism with styles or established patterns, each time appeared strongerly. After leaving my comfort zone completely, moving from country twice, I began to dedicate different activities related to music for which I did not have that 'label', which took me away from the piano for a while but expanded and regenerated my vision as musician. My husband with whom I share vocation and profession played an important role in that process, encouraging me to listen and let that 'inner self' say. After settling in Miami, I returned to the piano that had captivated me in childhood and I found in it at last a form of communication that reflected my essence. The Journey was born.